What We Do

We’re a business and technology software consultancy that gives you a better view

What we do

We help organisations with multi-location workforces manage governance, risk and compliance.

We’re a business and technology consultancy. We work closely with managers and identify the key challenges they face in gathering and interpreting accurate and timely data about their workforce. Then, we provide a solution that fits!

CMS has its own cloud-based software tool that gives managers the ability to plan and track performance of their workforce (electtronic timesheets), ensure compliance standards are met and effectively manage any assets they maintain. The software is called PerSe© , it is a modular system that can be mixed and matched to create a customised solution that best suits your organisation.

What makes us different?

  • We’re local – based in Auckland, we’re always available and if you require support you can talk to us without any delay
  • We can tailor our software – we develop and own our software. This means we have total control of the process, so if you have a special requirement, we’ll tailor our software to suit – with us there are no dead ends
  • We speak your language – some of our competitors seem to delight in confusing their clients with technical language and jargon. We speak your language and believe that in order to provide the best solution, easy communication is essential
  • Affordable – people often think that implementing a software solution is expensive. We think you’ll be surprised. And because PerSe© already has a number of out-of-the-box modules you can implement – much of the work is already done!

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