Asset Management

Take stock of your stock . . . Asset Management made easy


Ensuring your business is operating at peak performance, around-the-clock means enlisting the support of an efficient asset management solution.

By tracking the life-cycle of your financial, contractual, and inventory details, you’ll ensure your company stays up-to-date across the board. PerSe© Asset Management allows you to instantly ascertain problems and opportunities within your company’s infrastructure, identify and document new assets onsite and better manage your assets with replacement scheduling and maintenance.

With its unique asset location tracking, using geometric data, businesses can update existing asset data from any location and create an audit trail from beginning to end, all within one system.

Whatever your needs – a simple register or a fully integrated Asset Management solution –PerSe© will ensure the right decisions and outcomes for your business are made more efficiently and affordably.


  • Register and validate asset data
  • Map an asset life cycle – cost of assets, replacement costs, maintenance and replacement scheduling
  • Assess and report on the condition of assets
  • Manage assets, from furniture, to sports grounds / fields, to full complexes – you name it
  • Accurately locate assets using geometric data, GPS locations and shape files
  • Using the PowR App – staff can report information immediately from anywhere
  • Identify and document a new asset immediately on-site
  • Update existing asset data in real-time from anywhere
  • Take photos to support the identity of assets
  • Create an audit trail from outset to conclusion
  • Recognise and rectify inconsistencies

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