Job Management

The force be with you . . . efficient Job Management


You don’t have to change everything about your business or the way you work to create more efficiency in your workflow and management.

By integrating a customisable work management solution, you can integrate existing tools into a single platform. PerSe© Job Management is ideal for businesses that have a high volume of activities to complete on a regular basis.

Our highly-sophisticated tool manages singular or multiple contracts as well as services out sourced to third parties. Coupled with the unique services of our PowR App, you can manage your contracts all in one place and view them from anywhere on a mobile device.

We all want efficiency in our business – across all areas. Bringing onboard a solution that monitors and retains agreed contract variations, manages daily run-sheets, automatically schedules work to be done and provides a real-time overview is essential to smooth operations. Time is precious, and time spent tracking jobs manually isn’t practical or efficient. By adopting a service that allows you to input job data from the field and automatically schedule future work, you’ll save yourself both minutes and money.


  • View and monitor activities which are programmed to be completed
  • Manage daily run-sheets
  • Enter job completion from the field using PowR App
  • Monitor and retain agreed contract variations
  • List scheduled work
  • Plan and automatically schedule work to be done
  • Utilise Route Optimisation and mapping functions

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