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Scheduling made simple

PerSe© Staff Management takes the guesswork out of the nitty gritty! Staff roster data, payable hours and leave requirements, are all fed through a timesheet analysis page, making it simpler to see who’s worked what and when someone is planning an escape – or a few extra hours overtime!

Digital timesheets at the fore

With PerSe© Staff Management, all timesheets are recorded in real-time and automatically uploaded to the websites using the PowR App – reducing error and simplifying the payroll process, plus admin can confirm staff numbers on site at any given time.

Timesheets can be linked to specific jobs/sites enabling more accurate costing of work done and staff can create a new record for each job they are working on throughout the day – everyone stays on track!

Timesheet Analysis in focus

With a unique timesheet analysis tool, staying abreast of all staff members clock-ins and exits is simple – and information is displayed in an easy-to-read format.

PerSe© Staff Management takes care of the calculations – paid hours, number of days/shifts worked per payroll. When used in conjunction with our Staff Rostering system, the Timesheet Analysis also calculates paid hours based on shift lengths and breaks.

Payroll Export option

The PerSe© Payroll Export Option allows management to sift and analyse data from your timesheets and export to your existing payroll system every pay run. This means a huge reduction in time spent adjusting hours and manually inputting staff hours into a third-party payroll system. Timesheet management simplified and sanity intact!


  • Schedule staff work hours and leave requirements
  • Arrange cover for staff requiring leave
  • Timesheets are recorded in real time using the PowR App
  • Calculates the paid hours, number of days / shifts worked for payroll
  • Export the data to a number of different payroll systems

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