Company Overview

Effectively manage your business with CMS technology

Established in 2001, CMS is a business and technology consultancy that works closely with business leaders to identify and address key challenges in assimilating data across their workforce.

Utilising our proprietary cloud-based software – PerSe© – we provide clients with a robust technology platform that gives managers the ability to plan and track performance of their workforce.  Our combination of Modules ensure compliance standards are met and effectively manage any assets they maintain. Electronic timesheets and rostering have become core areas of our solution to business needs, saving time and money through simplifying processes.

Our client base includes private businesses from a range of industries.

Management Team

WuYang Xu
Senior Programmer

Wuyang has been with CMS since 2003 and is an expert in software development, business analysis and system integration. His passion is to create software solutions for practical problems, improve efficiency and transparency in our fast-changing world.

Debra Hawley
Managing Director

Debra is the heart and soul of CMS bringing a wealth of administration and management experience to the Company. Debra enjoys working directly with our clients and takes a hands-on role in all areas of CMS

Client Testimonials