Quality Assurance

Independent Inspections and Quality Assurance Auditing


Quality Assurance Auditing is a measure widely embraced by businesses to gauge a credible and accurate overview of contract performance and progress. This module enables companies to carry out independent field inspections, providing clients with feedback on work completed or outstanding.

Conducting inspections and audits can be difficult, especially if they span multiple areas and stages, however, PerSe© Quality Assurance Auditing is designed to help different types of businesses conduct effective audits whilst simultaneously maintaining quality assurance across all other business operations.

Because manually scheduled audit activities can complicate the process and often overlook vital tasks in an audit program, CMS software automates scheduling of tasks – eliminating the risk of overlooking a task during audit preparation, and our PowR App allows you to access information from anywhere, at anytime.

Maintaining credibility amongst clients and your workforce is essential for business morale and prosperity, by enlisting a trusted inspection and auditing solution, you’ll ensure your business stays fully functional across the board.


  • Grading – pass or fail – of contractor performance based on predetermined criteria
  • Even sampling of audits across multiple contract areas
  • Auditing of small and large facilities, arboriculture work, ecological work and prominent community establishments
  • Health and safety monitoring and inspections – in-house and out in the field
  • Real-time recording of field data and notifications to key personnel and co-ordinators
  • Standardised photographic evidence of failed inspections
  • Automated site selection ensuring a cross-section of work is inspected
  • A ‘Robust Request for Reversal’ process whereby a contractor can contest an audit fail. The use of this overturn process means that work quality performance measurement is as accurate as possible

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