Compliance Management

Keeping up with contractors . . . Compliance Management made easy


We’ve never been more connected with the world around us, and for many businesses, it is common practise to have employees and contractors spread out across the country – even the world – who perform regular services.

Staying abreast of everyone and everything going on in your company is essential for productivity and peace-of-mind. Ensuring you have the right tools at your fingertips to monitor, manage and access contractors affords you greater control and ownership of your company’s operations.

With PerSe© Compliance Management businesses can track the real-time work status of their contracts and progress made. Alongside our unique KPI reporting, we’ve developed the tools to monitor multiple performance contracts, work trends and compare daily schedules of work completed – creating a competitive environment.

With our compliance management solution, you can calculate and compare contractor monthly claims in a measure and value environment – keeping things moving forward in the best direction. Integration of a compliance system benefits the now and future of your business’ progress, allowing you to effectively monitor windows of work – completed and missed – so potential failures of contract delivery services can be addressed before they become a problem.


  • Evaluate contract performance and expectations with full transparency
  • Track real-time work status and progress of multiple contractors
  • Calculate contractor monthly claims in a measure and value environment
  • Compare daily work scheduled to work completed
  • Monitor work completed within a work window and work missed on a day-to-day basis
  • KPI reporting
  • Monitor work trends

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