Health and Safety

Health and Safety covered . . . real-time management where it counts


We all stand to benefit from a health and safety management system that eliminates the guesswork and affords us more time in other areas.

No business wants to get caught out when it comes to effective Health and Safety monitoring and management. Getting lost in a mountain of paperwork during inspection time, hunting down incident records that haven’t been accurately filed, or wasting time trying to find the correct person when arriving onsite can all create an unnecessary H&S headache.

At CMS, we have three separate health and safety solutions that provide comprehensive management tools for businesses both big and small, no matter your industry.

Hazard Management

Records, identifies and reports.

Whatever the risks associated with your business, our Hazard Register maintains an up-to-date record of identifiable hazards – no guesswork involved. With its unique hazard matrix tool, it is simple to define the levels of risk associated with a hazard and display the controls in place for each one.

Hazard Management keeps you in the driving seat. You can put controls in place for staff and report new hazards that may arise throughout the course of a job – keeping you better informed and reducing the likelihood of repeat occurrences.

With an easily accessible record of hazards at your fingertips, it ensures full accountability for everyone involved and a provides a complete breakdown of how each hazard was dealt with and by who.


  • Maintain an accurate record of hazards across different sites
  • Display controls in place for every hazard
  • Utilise Hazard Matrix to determine associated levels of risk with hazards
  • Use the PowR App to report new hazards as and when they occur
  • Put controls in place for staff for efficient monitoring and management
  • Access a complete history of how each hazard was dealt with and by who

Incident Management

Real-time reporting, ease of management.

Taking stock of incidents as and when they occur is essential when operating a business. Addressing the root of an incident and taking all measures to lessen the likelihood of it happening again, is paramount. Our Incident Register ensures no waiting around and time wasting when it comes to reporting and recording details.

With the technologies to display all the details; time, location, pictures and people involved, the necessary information is logged and maintained for future use on one simple interface. Enlisting the help of our Incident Register ensures accountability for every incident and allows businesses to take steps to minimise future occurrences – peace-of-mind guaranteed.


  • Record all details relating to an incident
  • Displays the details of the incident
  • Compile a complete history of each incident for future use
  • The PerSe© Mobile App allows instant reporting of incidents and near misses – including photos and interactive diagrams – from any site
  • Real-time provides necessary information to manage the situation

Site Induction

Keeping up with comings and goings.

Take the guesswork out of who is arriving on site and where they’re supposed be, with our Site Induction solution. Aimed at keeping things straightforward, anyone visiting a business undergoes a simple induction process which contains a pre-populated, industry-specific checklist for each site.

This keeps things moving for both visitors and staff – the user knows who to contact upon first entering a site, and the management team are afforded instant access to details and reasons for visit.


  • Staff and visitors are directed to contact the appropriate person upon arrival a site
  • A simple induction process – the PowR App contains a pre-populated industry specific checklist for each site
  • Items are ticked off and saved
  • Instant management access to data and made available to specific people i.e. Health and Safety Inspector
  • Customisable checklist

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