Mobile Data Capture

Forget the notepad and pen, trust PowR to jot it all down


All businesses want to stay up with the play, every day. No matter what the industry, when streamlining company tasks and operations, we all want the assurance of reliable software solutions that won’t cause headaches.

Clear communication across the board is important for any company wanting to keep things moving forward simply and effectively. This is especially true for companies that have spread out assets and workforce. Therefore, having a reliable performance tool in hand – not just the office – to record data and track work progress, is essential for productivity and everyone’s peace-of-mind.

With CMS’ user-friendly mobile data app –PowR, Users can collate their data wherever they are and report to interested parties in real time – no pen and paper required. Network coverage or not, PowR records all types of data – text, shapes, images – from any location and automatically uploads it to the web-portal once back in connectivity.  Simple and straightforward!

PowR Mobile App is customisable to your business, it can work seamlessly alongside all PerSe© software modules or can operate as a standalone data capture reporting solution. Whatever your needs, it’ll keep things moving and viewable with real-time functionality.


  • Data collation and client reporting tools
  • Notification tool – Users can report any issues they come across
  • A GPS/ geo-fencing site map location function
  • Data recording from any place – text, images, shapes, you name it!
  • No network coverage? Save offline then upload later

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