Mix and match modules to create a customised solution that best suits your organisation

Compliance Management

For businesses that need to keep track of multiple contractors and their work completion.

Mobile Data Capture

Perfect for staff that are always out in the field and have a high volume of tasks to complete.

Health & Safety

Incorporate this solution into your Health and Safety programme to effectively monitor, record and report on the meeting of specific H&S requirements.

Cloud-based software that works across multiple devices, from any location

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CMS is a business and technology consultancy that works closely with organisational managers to identify and address the key challenges in gathering and interpreting accurate and timely data across their workforce.
Utilising our proprietary cloud-based software – PerSe© – we provide clients with a robust technology platform that gives managers the ability to plan and track performance of their workforce, ensure compliance standards are met and effectively manage any assets they maintain.

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