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Client Testimonials

With being a busy construction company, we were looking for a way to help keep track of employee hours and time spent on multiple job sites. We started using the CMS program about three years ago. With a little training our guys are able to keep all of their timesheets electronically by logging in and out on tablets, then from the office I am able to download detailed time sheets with hours and job sites worked on. This cuts down on paperwork and makes paying our wages and creating invoices a much more streamlined and accurate process. CMS has incorporated health and safety into the system to help staff complete site reviews and tool box meetings and then upload to our system with ease. We have and will continue to recommend CMS to any business that is looking for a cost-effective system to help their business run more smoothly.

Office Administration, Callander Construction Ltd,

We have been working with CMS, using their Workforce Management Module (WMM) since March 2018. From the initial startup, we had an immediate improvement in the recording of our staff hours and movements saving us valuable time and money. WMM allows users to add multiple jobs, sites and rosters.  It also produces a number of reports. As we have progressed, the team at CMS Ltd have fine-tuned several elements to suit our industry. We have found the readiness of Debra and her team to listen and come up with a solution to be extremely helpful. Working with CMS and using their Workforce Management Module is a no brainer for our company.

Leila D,
Office Manager

I have been involved with the Workforce Management Module (WMM) for the past 3 ½ years and find it to be very user friendly programme We have 16 staff utilising WMM which makes timesheet processing very effective. It is an easy programme for everyone to use and access. I can see all staff and contractors hours at a glance and the system also alerts me to any issues or changes that happen. We transfer timesheet data directly from WMM to our Smart payroll, which saves a lot of time loading wages and also reduces errors. We are very happy with the Workforce Management Module and the help we get from the team whenever a problem occurs.

Rachel R.,

This system is great. We used to keep our hazard register and incident logs in a folder which got buried at the bottom of a cupboard and no-one ever looked at it or bothered to fill it out because it was too hard. Now, with the PowR app we have instant access to all the forms and any incidents that occur, we simply fill it out on the app, take a couple of photos and the rest is taken care of by our H&S officer. We even get reminders to check our smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Now there are no excuses not not comply with H&S.

Shane C,
Health and Safety Module User

Giving our customers access to view the real time audit results has proved invaluable. The thumbnails and drilldown give key insight to our managers and customers alike.  Our operators and CSM’s have found the intuitive nature of the system to be quick to learn and a valuable time saver by the ease of inputting results. The ability to customise reports to meet customer KPI’s has proved vital. The CMS help desk has always responded and resolved issues within a short time frame.  Another tool we are impressed with is the ease of maintaining and updating data and user permissions

Philip B,
Quality Assurance Module User

Since using the Workforce Management Module, I have reduced the time it takes to set up staff rosters, and my staff's timesheets are now a LOT more accurate than they were. I never knew I was paying my staff to take such long breaks

Chris R,
Staff Management Module User

Workforce Management Module has greatly reduced the time it takes me to process payroll. It used to take 2 days now it takes me an hour!

Rachel C,
Staff Management Module User

Nothing is ever too hard or not able to be developed with PerSe©, whatever I come up with they can do. They have a very practical way of looking into the different aspects and development of what is needed   Since engaging CMS, and the use of PerSe I have been able to develop two further Swim Schools one of which is in Wellington, (We are based in Auckland) and been able to solely rely on the use of PerSe to run this business, which has been a true testament to the program

Daniel F,
Asset Management Module User