Fleet Management

On the road again . . . Fleet Solutions to keep you moving


With vehicles on the road, employees coming and going, logbooks and multiple spreadsheets tracking left, right and centre – it can be tough finding the middle ground when it comes to fleet management.

If your business involves multiple vehicles and travel to different areas, enlisting the help of a software solution to maximise your fleet usage, is the best way to simplify operations. PerSe© Fleet Management provides you with the right tools and analytics to take stock of your vehicle movements, services and maintenance schedules.

By bringing a sound system onboard your transport infrastructure, you’ll minimise the risks associated with vehicle investment, reduce your overall transportation and staff costs, and ensure you maintain vehicle compliance with government legislation. Through an assured solution, you’ll also minimise vehicle downtime and maximise the efficiency of workshop operations, keeping everyone on the road.


  • Electronically plot and record vehicle movements on a map
  • Access live data regarding service delivery location and timing
  • Data can be used as the basis for ‘work done’ claims
  • Reduce the need for daily or month-end reporting from supplier to principal
  • Record all vehicle information and approved users
  • Schedule ongoing maintenance and running costs including registration, WOF / COF and insurance
  • Set reminders to ensure all records are kept up-to-date
  • Import fleet statements for record keeping
  • Schedule vehicle usage

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